Bread and not only bread, delicious mouth-watering flavours coming from the oven

Freshly baked bread from the oven, like a journey through the flavours of the past.
Flour, water, yeast and salt, simple, genuine ingredients for bread and bakery products of different types and sizes.
At our stores we meet our clients, listen to their needs and present our ideas.
Thanks to their feedback, we identify and interpret their every single need, enriching our production with lines such as precooked frozen and made-to-order for those wanting a custom-made line.

Golden loaves of bread and delicacies

Different types of bread, unique flours and sizes, deliciously crunchy, soft and golden.

Bread for every day with rye, durum wheat flour, sesame seeds or poppy seeds, but also more flavoursome bread with rich fillings, breadsticks and crackers, all delicious and crumbly.

Pizza and focaccia bread, naturally leavened with their unique flavours and aromas

Oil, a pinch of salt, naturally long term leavened dough and some white flour on your hands. This is how we produce pizzas, pizza bases and focaccia bread, soft to look at, crunchy to bite, with their own unique aroma.

One of our best products is pizza romana, a traditional preparation made with a few genuine ingredients left to leaven for 36 hours. You can find it in the precooked frozen products, too.

Sweet things, great for every palate

Flour, eggs and sugar, just a few ingredients for endless recipes.

Dry and leavened cakes with captivating fragrances, tarts with tasty jams and cream, soft sweet cakes, soft and crumbly biscuits and croissants to be enjoyed every morning.

Precooked frozen