Panificio Villa

Crunchy, soft, delicious flavours

We have been safeguarding our ingredients for 3 generations, passed on to the children and grandchildren by Grandma Gina who started her first bakery in Misano Adriatico in 1924.
Even today during our production we protect the precious recipes of the ancient art of bread-making while continuing our passion for baked products.
Beside freshly baked bread, new lines have been added, Frozen precooked and made-to-order, which are perfect for large scale distribution.
Few and simple ingredients: flour, water and salt, different types and sizes of bread, fragrant with their own unique flavours.

Three departments: pastry, bread and a -20° C storage area.
State of the art machinery for industrial production, carried out as always by skilled workers during each phase of the process.
A 1500 square metre laboratory, producing a great variety of bread products and focaccia bread.

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